enter the hole ...

The City of Qorn

It has been many lifetimes since the first Dragons flew above Qorn and many lifetimes since the first people came to the Burning Mountain. A thousand lifetimes have toiled beneath the unrelenting sun and the mountain hasn't burned in a long time. Some say the dragons have forsaken the place, others say they were never here anyway, but yet they keep coming, lured by the promise of great wealth or immortality or whatever exotic rewards come into the minds of the path-finders who prowl the length of the sky docks.

The Sky Docks

And still they come. In their thousands, every season from all corners of the Summer Land. Led here by stories of untold treasures beneath the City of Qorn they come off one sky ship or another and into the welcoming arms of the whores and thieves and priests and charlatans of Qorn.

Every citizen of Qorn has a brother or an uncle who is a skilled path finder and they can take you to the halls and caverns at the foundations of Qorn filled with gold and untold treasures from the age of the Dragons. Just waiting there to be picked off the dungeon floor and all of this is yours. They have maps and secret ways and potions and spells to protect you on your way. You can have all of this for a small fee.

And here you come. Into the heaving mass of humanity that crawls over the ancient city. You stand on a sky dock under a blazing sun a hundred suns away from your own home. The colour, the smells, the noise of the metropolis roll over you like the hot air from a furnace. But you stand there, knowing you will gain so much. Knowing that this journey will change your life.

And you prepare to enter the hole.